A Lady's Lament

Words by Merouda Pendray (Elyse C. Boucher). Tune similar to main verse of "Evening Falls" by Enya. Words copyright 1999.



In the misty morn I espied a destrier

Borne upon its back, a Knight, brave and fair

Kind face, dark eyes, and raven-black hair

Scars, showing battle's cost:

With one look, my heart was lost.


I did greet him before the Castle wall

My father feasted him in our hall

My mother gave him succor withal

Wistful child, my secret I kept

And for my lost heart, I wept


Autumn passes and I often pray for peace

Seeking solace one day I fled into the heath

He followed me there! What words he did speak!

For me, he said his heart burned

He begged his love I'd return.


True it is, winter's end, I must depart from here

Travel to a man Father wishes near

An alliance that will inspire fear

With my marriage Suffolk is caught

Made friend to my father's court


Would I could give my Knight what boon he asks of me

To touch, to kiss, to live and love freely

Alas, this is something that can not ever be

In my station I must stay

Though my heart be far away


And in time, I travel far, off to foreign lands

To dread Suffolk, my father gives my hand

And my Knight, my love, must understand

Only my token can be by his side

Family duty, like an ocean, divides.

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