Adventures in Costume

Or, Outfitting yourself

The purpose of this page is to discuss the process of outfitting yourself. It is my hope to eventually host articles here regarding the costuming efforts I have made and link lists to other good articles on making the accoutrements needed to cover yourself in a period fashion. I'm just starting this page, so check back often.


The Elizabethian Costume Page :One of the best sites for late period English fashion, addressing the total look--underpinings, cosmetics, hats, et cetera.

History of Costume: Braun & Schneider's 19th century work on historic clothing. The work obviously suffers from 19th century aesthetics, but actually isn't a bad source--as 19th century engravings go.



A Truncated Hennin: Article desribing the process of making a Flemish hat of the late 15th century.



A T-Tunic after Period Fashion: Instructions and pattern for a more authenically designed early to middle period tunic.

The Irish Leine: Late period undergarment; the article focuses on the late 16th century.


Shoes, Boots

Footwear of the Middle Ages: History and patterns for foot wear from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. Without doubt, the best shoe site I've seen to date.


Other Accessories

Gothic Jewelry: A discussion of jewels worn in the High and late Middle Ages.

Comming Soon: Articles about creating costumes for the personae.

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