Textile and Other Dyes

While it is quite easy to find references to natural dye on the internet, finding things that specifically refer to pre-1600 practices is a little difficult. This particular page will take some time to grow, for there are many links that must be sifted through as the wheat is seperated from the chafe, so to speak. Meanwhile, start with the following links, and please let me know if you find something that might be appropriate for this page!

Dye recipies from the Innsbruk Manuscript: Nicely translated excerpt, very useful.

Dye Bibliography: A bibliography of some period instructions for or reference to dye.

To Make A Beautiful Color: Discussion and receipts for sixteenth century colors.

Merouda Dyes!: Notes on my personal dye experiments, using natural materials I foraged. There is a combination of period dyes (nuts, oak, onions), period paint receipts used as dye (sap green), and New World dyes (goldenrod, possibly wild grape).

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