Strange Bedfellows

Greetings and Salutations! You are hereby cordially invited to the Strange Bedfellows 2k party! What, you say, is that? It's a potluck party to celebrate one of the most bizarre phenomenons of American Life: Election Night.

Hostess:  Elyse Boucher (Merouda) Activities:

We'll start around 6:30 PM with a potluck supper. We'll socialize. We'll play games--backgammon, Trivial Pursuit, dominoes, nine-man's-morris, and cards will be out on the table; I will try to get a game of charades going, too. J

Once the Polls close, the TV's will be turned to the election results. We'll watch the skullduggery go down together! J

And, of course, if politics aren't surreal enough for you, we can whip out the Pink Floyd CD, The Wizard of Oz, and have an adventure seeking the sights on the Dark Side of the Rainbow! J

RSVP's are strongly encouraged, so that I may have enough 7Cs Chicken on hand. If you just show up, you'll still be welcome, but I can't guarantee there'll be enough hot dish for you!

And boyo, after the returns are in and the election is over, some folks will be wanting their comfort foods!

Please Note: There are, among the invitees, supporters of both main party candidates and a number of the third party candidates. Accepting this invitation indicates your willingness to refrain from fist fighting across the political spectrum! Play nice and save the nasty stuff for the folks going to D.C.!

We Can't Wait To See You! C'mon Over and Party!

Don't Forget to VOTE!

Location: Elyse & Michael's house
Date: 7 November 2000
Time: 6:30 PM--???
Phone: See email announcement
RSVP by: Noon, 7 November
Menu: Since it is potluck, I can't be sure. I am hoping to see a "comfort food/American Home Cooking" theme, so I will have Seven Seas Chicken on hand. Other comfort foods that come to mind: Tuna Casserole, open faced sandwiches with mashed potatoes, beef stew, sloppy joe, chicken soup, seven-layer salad, Jell-O fluff… In short, bring the dish that speaks to you of comforting mommy cooking. Actually, my mom always made things like super-hot chili with chunks of raw onion, but I think 7Cs Chicken is a better choice for a general audience. J Since I'm the hostess, I'll operate under that constraint, but you all bring what you want!