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1. Merouda Pendray and Zosia the Pious are both pseudonyms for Elise C. Boucher. Elise sometimes spells her first name as "Elyse."

2. All articles written by Elise (Elyse) C. Boucher are copyright 1997-2004. Period. All images created by Elise (Elyse) C. Boucher are copyright 1997-2004. Period.

3. Individuals wishing to link to articles written by Elise (Elyse) C. Boucher may do so. A reciprocal link to your site will be provided, if you inform Elyse that you are linking up her article.

4. Individuals wishing to publish any article written by Elyse, by print or by electronic transmission, ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO unless said individuals have made arrangements with Elyse to do so. Contact Elyse at If you are willing to meet a few minor conditions, she's willing to give permission.

5. Individuals wishing to use artwork created by Elyse ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO. PERIOD. The only exception follows: Individuals who have received of me an SCA-commissioned scroll and having their own web page may display the .jpg of their scroll on their site provided that the copyright notice and the artist's name are clearly displayed.

 6. Some articles and art hosted here are by other authors and artists. Some have been posted with the artist's/author's permission. Others have been posted in the belief that the item has been a) released into the public domain; b) released for non-commercial use; or c) released with the intent that it be distributed. Elyse derives no commercial benefit from hosting these articles or artworks at this site. These items are hosted here for informational purposes only. If an individual author or artist wishes to have his/her work removed, contact Elyse. Be prepared to prove that you are who you say you are.


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