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Evel Knievel--My Hero!

Once upon a time, Leesie Girl was in the depths of despair. Why? Was it because her mommie caught little Leesie's nose growing? Was it because a purple norg was getting his fill of magro scent and thus on his way to ecstacy? No. No, indeed, that would be a silly thing to be in despair about, particularly as it is nonsense.

In fact, this whole story is nonsense. I just like Evel in a folksy, kitchy, "what a goofy life the guy has led" kind of way. It's like Batman--the old Adam West Batman. You gotta love a guy who does something campy and has fun through it. And I must admit, I built many, many Evel-inspired bike ramps in the neighborhood when I was quite young. Nothing compared with racing my Schwinn down the street, on to the ramp, and into the air! I can still feel the wind pulling through my hair to this day.


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