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Greetings, Richard, from Merouda.

I just realized that it was domesday time. Here is a very fast domesday report fot the office of the Evergreen Herald.

SCA Name: Merouda Pendray (reporting as Evergeen Herald)
Legal Name: Elyse C. Boucher
Address: 2004 S. 70th St.
City: West Allis State/Province: Wisconsin Zip: 53219
Telephone Number: (unlisted) E-mail Address:
SCA Membership #: (private)

What did I do during 1999?

Geeze, I dunno. Let me think for a minute, it will come back to me.

I maintained a website, which I hope to expand a bit more over the coming months. I worked at heraldic consulting tables at a variety of events. I wrote some articles on protocol. I did a lot of individual consulting. I did a lot of heraldic commenting, although I didn't write any letters; I usually work through the CAM group, and let my comments be reflected in other people's letters. ;-)


I do not track submissions; Evergreen's purpose is consulting and education.

Questions and Comments:

I'd still like a roster of WI and UP pursuivants. I'd really like to be able to estabilish some communication with them, but I have yet to receive a roster. Would it be possible to get one?

I am very concerned about the current Northshield OP. I know it is a quibbiling issue. However, I have repeatedly pointed out a discrepency and have yet to see it corrected. Yes, it has to do with my own entry, but this particular discrepency also affects a number of other people, as well. While this might seem a very narrow concern, it's reflective of a broader issue. Precisely what is the current criteria for acceptable evidence of an award? Yes, the scroll counts, but what after that? Whose word is good, and whose word is worthless? And who is qualified to make such a determination? The recent confusion is never going to get cleared up if we wait for the old court reports to show up or we rely just on the memory of the signet.

I would like to help with the educational efforts you described at last WW. Anything happening?

Domesday Report - Awards Listing

(Deleted from online report)

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