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Being a collection of Arts and Sciences projects that include the use of heraldry according to the conventions of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc, and the customs of the Middle Kingdom and Principality of Northshield.

The following collection began as a series written for Caer Anterth Mawr's newsletter, The Tower. These articles are longer than those appearing in the newsletter, primarily because of space considerations. The web version gives me an opportunity to expand on some topics and to provide more pictures. Thus, they are not the same as the articles that have appeared in print.

The World Wide Web is a flexible place, and so the web-hosted version of this series also includes photographic records of the things I have seen at events. I like to keep notes about what I have seen other people create; often, itís because I want to learn from other peopleís efforts, sometimes itís because the item/use is something Iíd not thought of and would like to create myself.

Furthermore, the great diversity of the web allows me to seek those articles written by others that are relevant to this topic; listing those articles here seemed a fair expansion of the series. To date, however, I have not seen many items that are accompanied by instructions; they tend to be portfolio pieces. Thatís wonderful, too; I love to see otherís worksóit always inspires me to do more, myself.

In time, I will also include an annotated bibliography focused not on heraldic references specifically, but rather, on arts and crafts projects that complement this series. Such things are often to be found in books that have very little to do with heraldry.

The Articles!

Some Basic Concepts Read this first!
Making Stencils
*A Game:
Nine-Man's-Morris Board
Linens: Simple Heraldic Napkins
*Storage: A Painted Box
*Storage: A Refurbished Sewing Basket
Clothing Accessories 1:
Veils, Jewelry, and Subtle Badges

Heraldic Clothing:

  • A Heraldic Cotehardie Includes background research, a survey of some otherís efforts, and links to well-researched cotehardie sites.
  • Black with shields: in process
  • Per Pale, dress as full field: in process

Heraldic Tours:

Two heraldic tours are currently stored at Yahoo! Photos.

Links: Projects and Portfolio Pieces Hosted Elsewhere

* article features a refurbished item or includes use of found objects/materials. I believed firmly in the reuse of materials.


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