The Office of the Evergreen Herald

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Important Note!: I resigned the office of Evergreen Herald on 15 Dec 2000; after slightly more than 3 years of service in this position, I felt that it was time to let someone else have the opportunity to serve in this way. However, as of this writing (2 May 2001), I am still listed in the Northwatch and on the Principality Web Site as the Evergreen Herald. That's fine; I am still working as a herald and doing consulting and all that other stuff; however, I will no longer be travelling to events specifically to set up a consultation table without being invited by the hosting group, and will do so only if I can fit it into my schedule without taking time from my family. I also am focusing more on writing a series of articles about incorporating heraldry into your arts and sciebces project, and so will not be working on this site much. My event callender is posted at

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