Gryphon's Seeblatt

Welcome to the Sept Pendray Home Page. It's under construction. We mean, majorly under construction. We don't know what the heck we are doing. ::sigh:: BUT! This will be a place to check out our many activities: what's happening with us, and our little side business and hobbies... you know, those things that have all rather blended together.

A Medieval Gryphon
image from a manuscript at

About Us

"Sept Pendray" and this page's title, "Gryphon's Seeblatt" are references to one of our major hobbies. That is, we would love to consider ourselves Serious Amateur Historians.

Well, actually, Elise is the Serious Amateur Historian. Angelique is the Semi-serious Amateur Astronomer. Michael is the Serious Professional Artist, although his current project is making new televisions look like old televisions. Elise and Angelique are both Serious Amateur Artists; Michael is the Goofy Science-Fiction Guy.

Well, you get the point. We hope. Each of us has a bunch of different interests. Our hope in this experience is to show you some of the things we have found valuable, and to give you access to some of the things we have done.

You are honored guest # ; we welcome you!

Elise Boucher