Leesie's Little List of Personal Eccentricities

Today, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of things to do, places to see, information to assilmulate. My personal response to this myriad of delights?

Try to learn everything. Try to do everything. And, of course, I plan to live forever in order to accomplish this.

Life in the Professional World

This subsection moved to http://www.merouda.com/professional.htm.

My Hobby Business, selling things on eBay.

The collection of things I sell is quite eclectic. It's just a hobby... well, actually, I like to pretend it's a business. It's actually just a way to avoid a garage sale.

And the Afterwork Metamorphosis...

Ah, where to begin with this? Life is full of things to learn. I couldn't possibly describe them all.

But, heck, I can try!

My great interests are invariably (and, after my family, of course) creative endeavors. That is why I love computers so much!

So also do I love art, and handcrafts, and writing, and brewing and vinting, and, and..... and this off-the-cuff web page cration thing is leaving me at a loss for words. But I'll try, and modify, and maybe, by 2037, I'll have my page done. :)

[Or maybe sooner--I'm getting ready to add some pages on specific hobbies, so check back over the next few months! I haven't really worked on this site since that first evening in 1997, so it's about time to turn my attention here!]

More About The Things I Love (Not including my family, bless their pointed heads)

Living in the Current Middle Ages
my life as Merouda Pendray, or, a great place to practice a multitude of archaic skills
Life in Michael's Wake: Zosia the Pious is at last live as of 29 APR 1999!
On Illuminated Manuscripts
Entire site devoted to illuminated manuscripts and illuminated artwork. It's been two years I've worked on this site, and it has come along pretty well--to the detriment of some of my other sites! However, it's getting nearer to "completion." Drop by, learn about illuminated manuscripts, and let me know what else you'd like to see there!
Swingin' Sock Monkey!
Once upon a time in the late 1960's and early 1970's, a little girl named Elise had a beloved sock monkey toy. The day that the sock monkey got left behind was a true tragedy for Leesie. One year (1999, to be exact), Leesie's love, Michael, asked Elyse what she truly, truly wanted for Christmas. From the bottom of her lonely heart, Leesie said "A Sock Monkey." Imagine her joy when she opened her present and found Sock Monkey, International Monkey of Mystery!! She Jumped up and down and screamed with happiness. "Crap! You scared me!" said SMIMOM, and it's been true love between the childlike woman and the conceited sock monkey ever since. This site is still under construction.
Evel Knievel
Now, honestly, I'm not a big fan of stunt shows and so forth. You won't catch me at a monster truck rally. Nor shall you see me in Vegas, watching Robbie work the crowd. On the other hand, Evel was so cool in my childhood that I couldn't resist building this page.
The Lifestyle Diary
One day, I had a moment when I knew I couldn't go on taking care of myself so poorly. One of the ways in which I am helping myself succeed in my endeavor is by keeping a diary of the progess I make, the emotions I experience, and the thoughts that drive me through the process of change.

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