Dame Merouda Pendray

Merouda Pendray is the head of the household Sept Pendray. Sept Pendray is itself a part of three larger households, Candlehaven, House Redhair, and Nocturnal Fellowship of Scribes.

Her Arms: per pale sable and Or, a gryphon segreant contourne within an orle of feathers counterchanged.

Her Badge: [Fieldless] On a water-bouget sable, two ermine spots Or.

Household badge for Sept Pendray: [Fieldless] A seeblatt inverted gules.

Her motto: Semper ubi sub ubi.

Merouda arrived in the Current Middle Ages sometime in 1989, but did not become seriously active until June 28, 1992. (Actuallly, a case could be made for her first activity occurring in 1982, but since it involved hiding an adolescent crush, it's best left unremarked.)

In 1994, Merouda was apprenticed to Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys, and has since become a journeyman in her service.

Merouda is a self-described "arts & sciences maniac" and is devoted to the study of the various crafts of the Middle Ages. Like most members of the SCA, she devours books. Consequently, she is constantly in need of MORE BOOKCASES! Her especial areas of A&S interest include: calligraphy and illumination; heraldry; historical clothing; embrodiery; cooking; soap- and candlemaking; brewing, vinting, and blending; and various "dabblings"--she's learning but hasn't yet gained proficency in weaving, leatherworking, vocal music, print making, dancing, sculpture, lacemaking,... and lots of other stuff. Too much to list! And, as an aside, she also does a lot of research and likes archery!

Merouda currently resides in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, Principality of Northshield, Kingdom of the Middle. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Shire of Rockwall.

Past and Present offices

Some offices I can recall holding:

(I've been setting up this web thing for 5 hours now, and my brain is a little fried....)

Gold Key--Shire of Rockwall--1993-1997

Chancellor of the Exchequer--Rockwallshire--1993-1995

Deputy CoE--Rockwallshire--1995-1998




Pursuivant--Caer Anterth Mawr--2000-Present

Midlands Cartographer--1993-2001

Evergreen Signet--1994-1997

Evergreen Herald--1997-2000

And some other SCA-type jobs that aren't offices...

Guildmistress, Rockwall C&I, 1993-1998

" " Chandlers 1996-1998

Internal Commentor, MK Heralds--1997-Present

Autocrat, Stone Lion Inn IV (Shire of Rockwall, 27 SEP 1997)

And, hey, there is a bunch of other one-time or little things that I've done, but are they worth mentioning? Well, yes, but am I going to mention it? Nah.

Kingdom Awards

Order of the Laurel (C&I, related divers arts, on 19 Jan 2002)--Rangvaldr and Arabella II

Order of the Willow (C&I, at Pennsic Great Court, in 1995)--Osis and Valthiona

Order of the Silver Oak (Scribal Chemistry, on 19 Sep 1998)--Kenna

Award of the Purple Fret (13 Jul 1996)--Edmund and Kateryn I

Award of Arms (26 February 1994)--Jafar and Catherine

Principality Awards

Award of the Northern Cross called the Guide Star when given(19 OCT 1996)--Daffyd and Gwyneth

Entry on the Northshield Scroll of Honor (13 Jun 1998)--Cnut and Nina

Award of Aegis was Athena's Ring when given (12 Jun 1999)--Alasdair and Isabelle

Order of the Saltire (15 Aug 2001)--Kenneth and Leyla

Baronial Awards

The Baronial Brassard, 23 Sep 00

Whistling Swan, September 2001

Kingdom Group Awards
I was a member of these groups when they received the following awards, and though these group awards convey no honor to the individual, I am proud of the accomplishments we made together.

Nocturnal Fellowship of Scribes holds an Award of the Grove--Edmund and Kateryn I

Northshield Scribes holds an Award of the Purple Fretty--Palymar and Aislinn I

Northshield Illuminators holds an Award of the Purple Fretty--Ragnvaldr and Arabella I.

Middle Kingdom Heralds holds an Award of the Purple Fretty--Finn III and Tamara

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