Stone Lion Inn IV: The Lion Loose Among Us!

SLI4 was an event that required a lot of work and faith on the part of the members of Rockwallshire! Two site changes (the last one 18 days before the event), an autocrat stressed out by seeking, buying, and moving into a new home while she was attempting to oversee the event, a date that conflicted with a demo, a baronial event, and a kingdom event all within 45 minutes-1.5 hours driving time, and, lastly what could grumpily be called "The Pennsic Interuption" all combined to make this event seem doomed to failure.

Fortunately, this was not so!

Everyone who came enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day, full of relaxation and fun. Fighters enjoyed an unusual tourney--a bar room brawl--while those not interested in fighting could partake of the games set out, shop at Maiden Mongolia, get advise on heraldry, and just relax and enjoy the great weather and the company of friends. The evening featured a feast, by Don Miguel el Artista, that caused HSH Seigfried to remark, "I don't know whether to charge you with attempted murder by gastric overload or thank you for the best, most filling feast ever!" Any who wished to do so were able to dance the rest of the night away.

It was quite a party; we wish you could have joined us!

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Stone Lion Inn V

Stone Lion Inn V is already in the works!

Autocrats: Lady Raven of Silverhawk & HL Amytis de Fontaine

Feastocrats: Lady Norinna Sewell and Lord Firmin Sewell

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Stoney the Lion says,

"Come visit for Stone Lion Inn V and find out why those who ate feast suggested we call the next one 'Stuffed Lion Inn'"

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