Well, it's sad but true, not many monkeys online that are as cool as I am. I am certainly the most handsome fellow, but that's to be expected when you are as wonderful as I am. That said, here are some other monkey sites that I have really, really enjoyed. Now, if they weren't cool sites, do you think I would have enjoyed them? No! Of Course Not!

Harbinger of Monkeys: a thoughtful explanation regarding the origin of the domesticated sock monkey. Truly thought provoking and full of scientific integrity.

Tim, the Monkey with 'Tude: A lovely little fellow nearly as delusional as you can get. Everyone knows that Poopie the Pirate is the guy who is going to be bigger than The Mouse. Nonetheless, Tim is a seriously Funny Guy. At least, funny if you have my sense of humor. Which is a good one, no doubt.

Anyway, Tim's link page is a good place to start until I get around the web a little more. I'm so busy being a menace to the shipping industry that I don't have lots of time to surf the 'net and evaluate sites.

Leesie Girl Explains It All: My Elyse's explanation of what is going on here. I had to let her put in her version of events, or she wouldn't help me type this. And, as you know, sock monkeys have no opposable thumbs, so without her help, all m,uy typ[inmgh, wopul;d l;ookol like tghjisz.,/*  That would be bad. So I humored her. Hope you'll take her nonsense with a grain of salt.

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* all my typing would look like this.

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