Elise's Monkey Posse

Here is a picture of all of us! It was taken on the occasion of Angel's 18th birthday. We all came downstairs to celebrate--at least, all of us what was living here at the time.

Didja notice that I'm not dressed as a pirate in this picture? I'm not, I'm not! I'm dressed as Nikko, the King of the Flying Monkeys! But that's a picture for another page. I deserve my own spot! Yes, I do!

Anyway, in the picture are:

Me! in the Flying Monkey outfit
Bear: wearing the Green Bay Packer outfit
Jack Monkeyouac: wearing the beret and sunglasses
George the Giant: the REALLY BIG monkey
Valentine Valerie: my beeeyoutiful mail order bride that I bought
Joseph the Lumberjack: Behind Valerie

Leesie Girl is not the best of photographers, but she tried. She was really happy to take a picture of all of us. Too bad we didn't get all the Minimonks in the picture! And Quentin isn't there! And neither is Trumonk Capote! Oh my! It will be time for portraits soon, I think. Don't you?

Oh, and Bear? He wears the Flying Monkey outfit these days, and calls himself Nikko. Leesie Girl just can't get it; she keeps calling him Bear. She sure does have a hard time with names. But then, I keep calling him Bear, too, so I guess it's okay.

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