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The Gryphon's Seeblatt



Home of Sept Pendray

Welcome to the Sept Pendray Site. It's under construction. We mean, majorly under construction, for we have Big Plans.


"Sept Pendray" and this page's title, "Gryphon's Seeblatt" are references to one of our major hobbies. You can find out more about it by browsing through this labrynth. This is a place to check out our many activities: what's happening with us, what's occupying our time, how we are doing, and so forth.


Well, you get the point. We hope. Each of us has a bunch of different interests. Our hope in this experience is to show you some of the things we have found valuable, and to give you access to some of the things we have done. C'mon in, get to know us!



Elise is the serious amateur historian, the computer geek, the semi-professional artist, the all-around eccentric with a useless college degree.

Her main jump page is here.

You can head straight for her personal stuff here. Interestingly enough, the personal stuff isn't directly connected to her jump site. Sooner or later she'll get to making a professional section, but that day has not yet arrived.






Angelique is the Teenage Terror, the page makin' maniac, semi-serious amateur astronomer, and sweetest kid ever!


Michael is a man of many talents! Mr. Spatial Relations: Put a tool in his hand and he'll try anything !

Angel's sites are: Saffron's Dojo, Ravenflight's B.O.S., and Angel's Page.


Hard to tell they are smiling, eh?

Right now he's making new tv's look like old tv's--check it out


Check out his Nifty Nautilus here!

A better picture of Angelique

You are honored guest # ; we welcome you!

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