Here are the various disclaimers.

The Evergreen Herald is a deputy of the Northshield Principality Herald. The office currently carries with it a primary responsibility for heraldic education for those local branches of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. located in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

While it is expected that new pursuivants will inform the Evergreen Herald of the change in office, local pursuivants are warranted through the Principality Herald. Thus, all change of office notifications, quarterly reports, and Domesday reports must be sent to the Principality Herald.

Current Evergreen Herald

Currently, the position of Evergreen Herald is held by:
Merouda Pendray
{Elyse C. Boucher}
2004 S. 70th Street
West Allis, WI, 53219, USA

As Evergreen Herald, my emphasis is on providing heraldic consulting (particularly at events), encouraging the growth of heraldic commenting, increasing the understanding of protocol, and fostering the use of heraldic display. As time in office continues, I expect that my focus will grow and change as other needs are identified.

As an aide to planning, here is my current event schedule. When I am at events in WI/UP, I will set up a consulting table. Other events are listed to provide a general idea of my whereabouts should you desire to meet with me.

Naturally, this is all tentative. Real Life has been known to interfere before and may therefore choose to do so again. Nonetheless, these are the events I plan and hope to attend.

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