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Beyond the Banner and Shield!

Being a collection of Arts and Sciences projects that include the use of heraldry according to the conventions of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc, and the customs of the Middle Kingdom and Principality of Northshield.

The following articles are based on articles written for Caer Anterth Mawr's newsletter, The Tower. Some of these articles are somewhat longer than those appearing in the newsletter, primarily because of space considerations. The web versions also give me an opportunity to expand on some topics and to provide more pictures.

All Articles and art copyright Elyse C. Boucher, 2001-2004.

The Articles!

Introduction: Some Basic Concepts.
Tools: Making Stencils
A Game: Nine-Man's-Morris Board

More Common Heraldic Arts and Sciences!

Articles about the construction of heraldic items you are most likely to notice at SCA events.

Heraldic Cotehardie 1: Wonder Woman!